Road Ready Announces Trailer Telematics Program with Vaughan Xpress

Road Ready Announces Trailer Telematics Program with Vaughan Xpress

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Road Ready from Clarience Technologies, LLC, a worldwide leader in transportation safety and visibility solutions, has announced an agreement with Vaughan Xpress to integrate its trailer telematics system into the fleet’s trailers.

The Road Ready smart trailer system offers fleets a complete overview of a trailer’s environment, both inside and out, using a suite of customizable wireless sensors. The Master Control Unit’s (MCU) long-life battery allows Road Ready to gather data from untethered trailers, and the intuitive user interface displays trailer location and condition in real time and automatically develops reports to gain insight on fleet asset utilization.

“With assets across North America, Vaughan’s success depends on knowing the exact location and status of their trailers – and the freight inside them,” said Dave McKean, executive vice president and general manager of Road Ready from Clarience Technologies. “Road Ready is pleased to partner with Vaughan in providing the visibility and asset security that their operation demands.”

Since the partnership formed in January 2020, Vaughan Xpress has installed the Road Ready system on its 300 trailers, including both solar-powered and hardwired Master Control Units (MCU) as well as temperature sensors in the fleet’s refrigerated trailers. According to Vaughan Xpress, Road Ready immediately helped with their operation’s efficiency and security.

“Between the security of knowing where our equipment is and the ability to connect idle trailer reports to lost revenue, (Road Ready) paid for itself right away,” said Jeff Hollis, director of business operations for Vaughan Xpress. “It was easy to install, saves us legwork and (Road Ready's) support team is always available. It’s been a great addition to our dispatch team.”

Road Ready from Clarience Technologies is the leading wireless, multi-functional trailer monitoring network and is easily customizable for any fleet requirement. With its suite of wireless sensors and the largest number of OE trailer system and fleet software integrations, Road Ready provides the most comprehensive, scalable and inclusive fleet telematics solution available.

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