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Trailer Data

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Road Ready equipped trailers all across
North America

The Road Ready trailer telematics system has your fleet covered
all across North America. Join the growing network of fleets that choose Road Ready.

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Road Ready opened our eyes as far as having real-time visibility into our trailers anywhere across the United States.
Road Ready not only tells us when a trailer is moving – it tells us when it’s not moving. If a trailer isn’t moving, it’s not making you money.
You guys have a hell of a good customer service team. If I have an issue… you guys stick with me until we get it fixed.
Our previous system pinged only three times a day; (Road Ready) lets us ping it as often as we need with no worries about changing batteries or having a trailer go offline.
With the purchase of Road Ready devices for our Dallas operation, both our equipment utilization and customer services have improved greatly.
Mileage reports provided by Road Ready are more reliable and accurate than any others we’ve tried. The mileage reports support utilization data, pinpointing under-utilized and excess trailers.


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